Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

Tolina please with herself at the Park! Please visit more Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Hey Daddy!!" my favorite two words

This is a two part segment dedicated to my little slice of heaven: Tolina

There are so many words spoken by so many different people. In the dictionary there are several that though are said the same they have different meanings. In our daily lives we may say to one another something that can either bring a smile and or tears just by the very effect those words and phrases have in our voices. Those that have the greatest reaction lately have been coming from my two and a half year old daughter, Tolina.

I am in the unique position where my wife works nights and I days. Therefore I have the pleasure in putting our Daughter down for bed practically seven nights a week. It can sometimes be a challenge to get her to "feel" tired, she will always tell me she is not. When she is finally ready and finished all her nightly routines, which means all the stalling she can muster we go, as she calls it "let's go cuddle." Watching her drift off to sleep is one of the best parts of my entire evening. She holds my neck so very tight as though I may wander away, looks directly into my eyes as hers become heavy and quietly falls asleep. During the night I check up on her like a great chef not wanting his suffle to burn. When she does wake up for water or her "binkie" she doesn't cry, she just calls my name and that is the greatest part of the night. I walk into the room as she sits up in bed, she hold her arms out for me and says those magical words..." Hey daddy!!" She's only up for just a minute or two, but I fall in love with her again everytime at that moment. Its as though she knows that no matter how hard the day or night, those two little words have such huge I spoil she spoils me.

She is my little daddy's girl and I simply cannot convey the bond that I am privey to have with her. Am I too soft with her, am I over protective of her, do I take her side too often, do I think that she is going to grow up to be an amazing person...absolutely!!

I'll have to continue tommorrow and share some of the smiles and laughter given from my little girl...but for now I'm being summoned..."hey Daddy!!" melts my heart every time!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Photo Contest!

This is an entry my wife did for me in Five Minutes for Mom! Skinny Dippers is sponsering the contest!