Monday, November 10, 2008

"The Good Samaritan"

In a time where our troubles can seem all encompassing, and that no one else can be in the same predicament comes a lady of true virtue a "good samaritan." I heard this story as I was driving into work and just had to find it in print, it is as follows directly from

Tracy Orr sat in the back of the room and prepared to watch her foreclosed home go up for auction. Tha's when a pesky stranger sat down beside her and struck up a conversation. "are you here to buy a house." Marilyn Mock said. Orr could not hold it in. The tears flowed. She pointed to the auction brochure at a home that didn't have a picture. "that's my house," she said. Within moments, the four bedroom, two bath home in Pottsboro, Texas went up for sale. People op front began casting bids. the home that Orr purchased in September 2004 was slipping away.

She stood and moved toward the crowd. Behind her, Mock got into action. 'She didn't know I was doing it," Mock says. "I just kept asking her if [her home] was worth it, and she just kept crying. She probably thought I was crazy, 'Why does this woman keep asking me that?'"

Mock says she bought the home for about 30,000. That's when Mock did what most bidders at a foreclosure auction never do. "She said, 'I did this for you. I'm doing this for you,'" Orr says. "When it was all done, I was just in shock."

"I thought maybe her and her husband do these types of things to buy them and turn them. she said, 'no, you just look like you needed a friend.' "

"All this happend within like five minutes. She never even asked me my name. She didn't even ask me my financial situation. She had no idea what [the house] looked like. She just did it out of the graciousness of her heart.

Orr says she had taken out a mortgage of 80,000 in 2004 when she first bought the home. At the time, she says she worked for the U.S. Postal Service. But she lost her job a month after taking out the loan when she says the Post Office fired her over a DWI while off-duty. She says a wrongful termination lawsuit is pending.

Without a job, she fell behind on her payments. She sold some property in 2006 for $12,000 and paid it to the mortgage company, thinking she had done enough to save herself from foreclosure-but to no avail, she says.

As for Orr's payments now, Mock says, "we'll just figure out however much she can pay on it. That way, she can have her house back."

Why be so generous?

"She was just so sad. You put yourself in their situation an you realize you just got to do something," says Mock, who says she has trouble walking by homeless people on the streets and not helping them out.

"If it was you, you'd want somebody to stop and help you."

Orr, who nearly lost her home, says her new found friend has "given me back faith and hope to keep going and hold my head up."

I found this story so hard to believe, with so much unjust in this world. I thank CNN for reporting it and Mrs. Mock for taking one step forward in the life of another. I do not have the resources to help in the same manner, but you just gotta give something back whenever you can. Their are lots of people who aren't as fortunate as Mrs. Orr, but they too could use a little saving. Try and remember that with the Holiday Season approaching, help when you can and you too can make a difference. THANKS!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo Hunter

Aunt Renee and Tolina running the bases on the baseball field Together!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paper or Plastic??

It is indeed a strange world in which we live, never before has the saying the haves and the haves not do not run in the same packs. For some this is the time of year for us sports fans that we get to see our teams on a weekly basis. Wether its October and the smell of hotdogs and peanuts from Major League Baseball, or the open air of nachos and fresh green grass from the NFL and NCAA College games, the cold breeze gives you that level of comfort. There are those that gather around the tube or tailgate at the actual stadiums, never mind what goes on in the economy you can bet that those seats are filled, and those tv sets are burnin' red hot.

But let's suppose for a moment, you are the ones in those stadiums selling food, drinks and other various goods. It's not gonna make you rich but hey its a job right. I mean you get to be closer than the average fan to some of the most sought after atheletes in the world. Everyday perhaps you hear them yelling how much they love this game and how much they appreciate the fans for coming, or is that just making you laugh too? Nevertheless you do hear about them signing those million dollar contracts and how the team just needs more of their share of the revenues and the "we gotta have a new stadium" bought by the tax hear that too don't you?

If you hear that, then surely you have heard that the NBA is cutting about 80,000 jobs due to economic costs...SLAM DUNK!! Just whom do you suppose is in that unemployment line, yeah not the ones in the box seats. It is the everyday Joe who depends on the meger salary that we all depend on. How can in this economic struggle can they layoff these workers and yet still give someone milllions to say "I love this game" in an NBA tv ad? I know they too have a budget and families to take care of, but I'd say their budget is a little larger than those who push beer and nuts. How about setting aside some of that revenue from the players and other various parts of the game that provides so much and for the little guy so little. You never heard of a major owner or player standing around wondering how to make that dollar work when they went on strike, but if no one is in the stadiums then how do you suppose the vendors supplement their income, rest assured it's not from another shoe ad.

I love the games and I don't harbor any ill will towards a person able to make it to the pennicle of his chosen field, or sport. I just take homage to those begging for more of the pie when they already own the oven. Congress is trying to bail the country out and yet the sports world is only helping fill the unemployment lines. So go to the games and enjoy ourselves, yell, scream and take in the greatest venues possible. But be nice to the vendor, he might also be the one bagging your groceries next week and putting the ice and two liters on top of your bread and eggs...I did a lot of bread squeezing when I was a bag boy in High that brought a smile to my face, and I bet to those surprised faces once they got home to more than spilled milk.

Monday, October 13, 2008

lessons for your retail experience

Today I take issue with sales gimmicks and the people who shop retail. We the consumer are as told through any retail training video, always right. I kindly believe that if you desire a certain outcome from a retailer then you should approach that said person or place with respect and give them the opportunity to please you the consumer accordingly. It is only after said response is insuffcient or deemed non helpful, should you behave in a manner unbecomeing, depending on the environment and those surrounding you. I firmly believe that when you have an issue and approach the retailer in a quite hushed tone way, meaning not loud enough for all around to hear you. That you by doing such have given that retailer the chance to make right on any situation that may or may not affect his future dealings with other disgruntled consumers. It allows them to possibly give you something in return that otherwise the next guy may not recieve, even if that is just retail talk. I myself have been in many facets of retail as well as managerial levels for twenty years. Throughout these long years I have had the priviledge to have dealt with happy and the not so happy situations that come from the retail business. I pride myself on knowing what they truley want and the fact that mostly the consumer wants to be treated fairly. He or she wants to be given the respect that they and their hard earned money is giving you by purchaseing from your place of business. Remember that they did not have to come into your doors, there are always other places willing and able to provide such services, and maybe even better. It is here that you have the chance to make an otherwise one time customer a long time customer.

And now for Ten little lessons in manners when entering and handling oneself once you realize the outcome isn't going to be beneficial to you the consumer:

1. Do not approach the first person you see and go off on he or she, it will only complicate and further upset you when you have to then tell it to the next person whom may be in charge.
2. Do not lie and say this happens everytime, if it did then why have you come back to the same place over and over again and recieved yet again the same outcome?
3. Listen to what is being said so you then can hear what is not being said, if you are getting screwed this is where it's gonna didn't pay attention.
4. It is the retailers job to make all outcomes conclude with you having said and felt as though what has been resolved is to the best ability done on both parties.
5. If you haven't the time to allow for a check and balance of what is and what isn't, then come back when you do!
6. Acting like a two year old isn't going to get you anywhere, but if the retailer is giving you that child like vibe then clearly he isn't in charge and if he is then he won't be for long.
7. If they tell you the manager isn't here then get all information needed and by all means come back, you cannot change an outcome if you aren't ready to persever.
8. Remember what brought you into this particular location, don't be afraid to just get your money back and go someplace else more deserving of you and your dollars, it may not be the "big hurt" you wanted them to feel, but you might not be the only one doing such.
9. This one is very important, DO NOT CURSE and DO NOT forget that there are probably children watching and listening to this exchange, quite possibly YOUR OWN!!
10. And finally, each situation is unique and should be treated as such. It doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong. When you leave and they go to the next customer will they even remember what your name was. I remember most of all the faces if not most of the names of the people I have dealt with. You will see them if not in the store but out and about town. Why do you think they have a stock room in back, 'cause the next sale is but around the corner.

Now for the gimmicks car dealers give to help or make the final sale. Kia Autosport has been determined to tell you on TV and on the phone "free tires for life." with the purchase of a new vehicle. Well what they do not tell you is that it is determined by them if you have met all service requirements to get them. If you have taken your vehicle to any other place for, say an oil change or whatever then you have successfully voided their "tires for life" And when you have met their demands like I have, you have to then wait for the owner to decide if you get this new said tire replacement. Oh they can tell you without managerial approval you don't qualify, but if you do then that decision cannot be made without said approval. It has been a week since they called and said " the manger is out of town." Now I am giving them the chance to make right on our "agreement" but should they not take this opportunity to adhere to this agreement then I'll try and remember the first part of rule number nine and follow rule number seven. Oh what the hell if that won't work then I'll do rules three to one and in that order...but I digress. I'll let you know later how rules eight and four are working out at a later date.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

HELP!!.. need loan for Vacation

This little information came my way after the Federal Bailout was given to some Banking and Insurance Groups. In particular this concerns the American International Group Inc. otherwise know as AIG. For those you who don't know what they are and who they are, they are the main U.S. life insurance subsidiary. It was made know that if they were to go under that it would have a global effect on individuals as well as various major corperations. On September 16 the Federal Reserve put up $85 BILLION DOLLARS of OUR TAX DOLLARS to RESCUE AIG.

Days after it got a Federal Bailout, AIG spent $440,000 on a posh California retreat for its executives, complete with spa treatments, banquets and golf outings, according to lawmakers investigating the company's meltdown. AIG sent its executives to the coastal St. Regis resort south of Los Angeles, California, even as the company tapped into an $85 BILLION loan from the government it needed to stave off bankruptcy. The resort tab included $23,380 worth of spa treatments for AIG employees, according to invoices the resort turned over to the House oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Now folkes let us one and all call up our creditors and tell them too I cannot pay you anything and I need to borrow more money and then I'm going on vacation with your gift. I'll bet you $85 BILLION that you would then have all of your homes, cars and bank accounts seized in the vary same breath. It just goes to show that if you are of the average american who is struggling and cannot get the banks and creditors to extend you , not quite $85 BILLION, but some type of repreive, you should then take your vacation anyway 'cause they will always bail out stupidity.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Hey Daddy!!" my favorite two words

This is a two part segment dedicated to my little slice of heaven: Tolina

There are so many words spoken by so many different people. In the dictionary there are several that though are said the same they have different meanings. In our daily lives we may say to one another something that can either bring a smile and or tears just by the very effect those words and phrases have in our voices. Those that have the greatest reaction lately have been coming from my two and a half year old daughter, Tolina.

I am in the unique position where my wife works nights and I days. Therefore I have the pleasure in putting our Daughter down for bed practically seven nights a week. It can sometimes be a challenge to get her to "feel" tired, she will always tell me she is not. When she is finally ready and finished all her nightly routines, which means all the stalling she can muster we go, as she calls it "let's go cuddle." Watching her drift off to sleep is one of the best parts of my entire evening. She holds my neck so very tight as though I may wander away, looks directly into my eyes as hers become heavy and quietly falls asleep. During the night I check up on her like a great chef not wanting his suffle to burn. When she does wake up for water or her "binkie" she doesn't cry, she just calls my name and that is the greatest part of the night. I walk into the room as she sits up in bed, she hold her arms out for me and says those magical words..." Hey daddy!!" She's only up for just a minute or two, but I fall in love with her again everytime at that moment. Its as though she knows that no matter how hard the day or night, those two little words have such huge I spoil she spoils me.

She is my little daddy's girl and I simply cannot convey the bond that I am privey to have with her. Am I too soft with her, am I over protective of her, do I take her side too often, do I think that she is going to grow up to be an amazing person...absolutely!!

I'll have to continue tommorrow and share some of the smiles and laughter given from my little girl...but for now I'm being summoned..."hey Daddy!!" melts my heart every time!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

A nickel..a dime.. a million reasons why

At our last meeting we spoke about the fat cats in Hollywood and their dynamic ability to make millions , well they sure did not disappoint this particular weekend. As I have said before, I have nothing against them or anyone who goes out to enjoy a good movie and spends a dime or two. Its just that the possibilites are endless, they could really do some good right now and in the future for so many people. There are so many endeavors that could use their help and would go a long way in the fight against social and economic needs. Here are the dollar break downs for a few movies that did quite well for themselves out of the gate:

The Dark Knight-$155 million in the United States alone and another $40 million from outside the country.

Mama Mia- $27 million

Hancock-$3 million

It was reported that Hollywood as a whole did about $235 million just this past weekend alone and that was just a portion of the opening nights and had yet to conclude. Do you agree that it would only take maybe just a portion of their success to help? Just dedicate a little and it will go a long way, and it wouldn't have to be everytime and all the time, just a set allowance that would be approved by the Industry and you would see that they would still flourish. It's only a drop in the bucket, it too may seem idealistic and novice...but what the heck you gotta start somewhere and why not here.

Monday, July 21, 2008

The layoffs are a comin'

No matter how you look at it the economy is always the catalyst that sets the American table if you will. This past week the economy took a hit in both the national and local sector. We shall first explore the General Motors layoffs, and then The Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper layoffs as well.

The GM Company has decided that by laying off several thousand employees it will boost, or as they put it right the ship for the future and the present. They are not alone in thinking that this is a solution to the poor sales and lack of need for such demand. GM is the same car company that brought you the Corsica, the Beretta, the Cavalier, and lets not forget the Spectrum. They made a living by selling these little cars that didn't have a whole lot of speed, longevity or continued desire by the American public. They too soon got out of the "small car" business and began making the big and bigger SUV's that ruled the world for a decade. I am one of their former consumers as I had a Tahoe, I loved it and would still have one would it not be 'cause of gas and the lack of resources to finance a tank on wheels. At this stage in our economic life one cannot indulge the way we used too. We have to be responsible and choose to get where we are going with more fuel economy, isn't that what they are now telling us we want? If they were listening then and now they would have made that Tahoe a better fuel driven vehicle. but now they are saying that because you the public have slowed the demand for such a tanker that they must seek other methods to save their company's profit, and that is to layoff thousands of people. They are not the first this year as far as car company to propose layoffs as a way of cutting losses, has it worked? Why don't we ask those who have now joined the unemployed and seek their opinion. Have you ever seen the movie "Dick and Jane" starring Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni. It is about one Corporation that goes under and lays off its entire employees. Not a bad flick, its premise was as true as real life. When just one group are layed off and then another then those with similar job experience are too looking for that "one position" available, not so easy then is it. So when the Car Company lays off its people to help boost sales and adjust the structure of the powers that be, are we more able to buy their vehicles too? If few thousand people in one region lose a job as well as in another region how do you suppose their is more money in the economy to purchase a vehicle that one could barely afford before the job market slowed down. I just don't see how they can think that by not making more affordable cars that the public would desire at a better price isn't the answer. Heck they have had ten plus years to make that Tahoe get better gas mileage, they just didn't care because we didn't either. Now that we are waiting and searching for a more affordable car and foregoing the "bring all your friends" car they are taking notice.

Yeah they want you to think that they care about you the consumer and that you expect a cleaner solution. If that were the case then why do their hybirds and such the like cost more than they need to. Its the same Tahoe theme all over again, give the consumer what the think they need, but at a greater cost. Gas prices have made the public give up their large vehicle for a smaller one even if they are upside down in that large vehicle. And when you go looking for that well commercialized car remember that you are facing are much larger task. If you thought that the housing market didn't affect the car market wake up. As the loans are harder to come by for a home loan, then so too are the car loans available to you as well.

And now it comes down to the local scene, and how you get your newspaper. The Atlanta Journal Constitution has too layed off in hopes to boost circulation. The only way to boost sales that way is in hopes that all those looking for a new job use the old fashion way and buy a paper to search the want ads.

Is there an alternative to layoffs, sure... but no one entity has the solution. I trust they in power have looked at all angles and to layoff so many isn't what they went into business to do. I'm just asking how does it not affect so many other things in the economy. Its a trickle down affect that has no end until certain things get taken care of. I haven't yet seen that in all the layoffs propsed and carried out. Your cars still are not affordably economic and your newspaper still comes to me the same way as before...missing the ads I want and full of the ones I don't. Not to mention all the big gas guzzlers it takes to deliver "the good ..the bad..and the ugly." Our economic future is waiting in the unemplyoment lines across America, now what kind of solution is that??

Monday, July 14, 2008

Let's all go to the movies

I am as big a fan of the movie industry as the next guy. I love a good action or suspense thriller as much as a good comedy. I however am like much of the nation not in love with the ticket prices or the overall experience my wallet takes when taking a family of three to such an outing. I understand its a luxury and if you cannot afford to go, then don't. But when you get there you shouldn't have to darn near put the venture on a credit card just to get popcorn, drinks and what the heck a box of snowcaps. I remember back in the day when the tickets were only about five bucks for first runs shows, and you and a date could spend about twenty dollars and get all the aformentioned products. I'm paying for stale popcorn at a premium price, I'm getting watered down soda and if I'm lucky a fresh pretzel with cheese. Anyway I know that the money spent is just for entertainment purposes, and that my family can afford to go every now and then. But what about those who only get there by going to the sometimes run down "dollar theaters?" The movie might be the same on the screen, but the experience is quite different. You have people there only to get out of the heat, or the cold and could care less about what's on the big screen. let's not mention the kids running up and down the aisle, and oh my gosh the floors and seats feel as though someone sat there naked dripping sweat on them...ugh!!

When a blockbuster movie comes out and the first weekend drives in millions of dollars, that is where the thought process has got to change. I know that those who produce, act, and the studios have to make the money to make more movies. Have you ever stopped and thought about the amount that one movie could do for an entire section of our population. Like many of other things I know that all proceeds and the like cannot always go to other needy things, but how can the Industry go on strike saying that they don't get enough of the pie. I'm not talking about the minimum wage employees behind the scenes, they are like many of us not living the hollywood lifestyle. But how about a portion being donated to the fight against hunger, disease and homelessness. What about fund raises with certain proceeds being earmarked for families of disaster, or for the family of a public servant whose family has lost their sole provider. I think that if they amongst many other big companies where to help the community rather than profit from them maybe we all could feel better about our entertainment dollars. Let's not forget the movie industry also includes the rentals that account for such dividends across seas, that's right not only are we as Americans spending money on the new blockbuster but so are our neighboring countries...they love David Hasselhof over in Japan and still pay a premium to see anything he is in, even if its run its course over here in the States.

With everything going on in the world, like the War and the declining economy, the movie is our way to forget and just enjoy the moment. And they do a very good job at doing just that. But reality hits you in the face when the lights come on. That same two hours or so getaway only delays the haunt of perile waiting at the exit doors. We don't have to stop our various ways of enjoying life, but we need to apply that same effort in providing laughter, sorrow and heroic acts on the screen as well in our daily walks of life. So maybe the next time they talk about going on strike, think about how its really you and I and those minimum wage employees who are really being taken advantage I do love my snowcaps.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Is your vehicle loaded?

Todays issue centers on weapon permits, and who should not be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. I find it ridiculous to allow someone to arm themselves at work outside law enforcement. But that is just what some people are asking their local and state government, the ability to while on the clock have your glock in the truck. We'll explore some reasons not to allow this sort of marshall law in a few moments.

I live in a small southern town, its population consists of prodominately whites, but a large portion of black and latino also reside here, not necessarily side by side either...know what I mean? Anyway, that is another topic for a different forum. I was at the local shopping center awhile back and to my surprise standing in line was a man paying for his purchase while packing a six shooter at his hip. Yes I was definately shocked to see this man just standing there packing heat and no one batted an eye. He apparently is well known for having his weapon at his side at all times, wherever he may go. He owns a local liquor store and is best known for his ability to not be robbed, go figure. I wonder about the thought process that would allow someone who sells alcohol for a living and probably sees booze in his sleep, wear a gun at the local stores and theaters. I'm not implying that he or anyone who works in the alcoholic industry is a drunk waiting to shoot someone, I just think separation from the two should be expected.

Now we were talking about examples of why we shouldn't allow guns at work. On one hand I'm sure it might curtail some of the work place violence that takes place on a daily basis. If you know that most of your co-workers have guns and they know how to use them, one might rethink coming to the job ready to kill innocent people. And that is what is most bothersome, people kill those who mainly have done nothing to them, heck they might not know this guys first or last name. Especially if he or she works at plant and each persons hours vary day and night. If "Billy" gets fired 'cause he is a sorrow employee then take it like the lazy SOB you are and go find another job, do not come back later and kill anyone who's still putting in his hours for daily pay. If you really think its ok to have guns on the rack of the pickup truck in the employee parking lot then your as crazy as those idiots who do the shooting, justifying it by saying they all did me wrong in some way.

There are some states where the local schools take time off so that people can go hunting, and gun racks are as common as say toolboxes or hunting wear. However if that student were to return to school grounds and forget to take the gun off the rack, he will be expelled from school no matter if there are one hundred days or just one day left his high school career. But we understand why there shouldn't be any weapons at our schools, but its alright to have them at work?? I know that in theory adults should be more mature than say a high schooler, but when "Billy" shows up, getting passed security somehow at the local A&P Processing plant, is he really any better. I say as much as society beacons us to take extreme measures to protect oneself, we have to eliminate the ability to act out of aggression using what should be left at home to protect our families with. There are too many tragic stories out there where the Loved one went to work only to not come home 'cause some loser had his boss can him for lousy work or whatever. There are warning signs to help identify that "Billy," we all can help but it starts with local and state legislature preventing such acts to pass as laws. It most assuredly makes the business the first responders, if you think there is going to be trouble, please alert local law enforcement and they will make sure "Billy" gets home and you too safely and ready for the next day...enjoy your families, someone out there isn't able to because someone brought their home problems to work and it was a loaded weapon that was in their vehicle...It shouldn't be that easy!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Car vs. Pedestrian

The other day I came across a story that shocked and enthralled me. It was about a Father walking his six month child in a stroller crossing an intercsection in Tallahasse that is prodominately a college area. The dad was crossing with the right of way when a car turned right, and didn't apparently see them both. The driver hit the dad and the stroller launching the child, from witnesses account, about eight feet across the intersection. From all reports the two are doing well, aside from cuts and scrapes. Now here is where it gets interesting if not yet still.

The Dad became so crazed at the thought that his young child could have been killed punched the driver and tried to pull him out of the car. The driver got a ticket for reckless driving and the Dad as reported is in hot water, his is charged with a misdomeanor for striking the driver...huh?? I'm in no way advocating violence, it is a situtation that could have quickly gotten out of hand. However if that had been my child and I just witnessed her being launched across the street into the air, I can not in good conscious think I would have done less if not more to that driver. I hope the charges will be dropped, I know that you can't take the law in your own hands, but you also cannot allow a ticket vs possible jail time be the solution either. I'd be curious to hear your response to the situation and your solution as well, thanks for listening.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Pros vs Joes

Imagine if you will some of the most wealthy and recognizable sports figures around, I won't use any specific names since their cases may still be pending. On the other spectrum think about the average joe , who works for pennies a day and not millions. What do they have in common, other than the obvious, not much . However possible likes may be their stong work ethic, desire to work hard for their community, and lastly their ability to get into the same trouble.

Lets start with the average "joe", he works all week to accomplish a certain goal. It could be defined by his abilty to achieve higher standards than say his fellow employees. At weeks end he wants to celebrate and go out with friends. They choose a local establishment where probably like an episode of Cheers, " everybody knows your name." When the night finally comes to an end the life of the party needs to find his way home, the choice is obvious, I'm not to drunk to drive home? Even though they went to a place familiar and with the understanding that by nights end they would have too many they have no plan to get home safely. His argument could be that he hasn't the money for cab fare, that he cannot afford to have his vehicle towed. Undoubtedly he's done this act before and by all account never had any trouble getting home and never needed to ask someone to drive him home, though all know who he is at this particular establishment. And then inevitable happens, he's pulled over by law enforcement, or worse causes a tragic accident that you or I could be involved in on our way home with the family from say getting ice cream. Now his penalty could range from imprisonment, to a loss of his employment, and even perhaps suspension of his driving priviledges. Not to mention the continual thought of how easy it would have been to ASK for a ride home you IDIOT!!

Now lets suppose you are that athlete that all children aspire to be. You cannot go anywhere and not be recognized by anyone and everyone... aah, poor guy. Anyway like the "joe" he works hard all week in preparation for to showcase his talents both on and off the field. He too chooses an establishment, the only difference it could be any place and with his entourage he's sure to be noticed. He is the life of the party as he is always, its as though the people there are on his payroll. The bartender, who makes sure he and all never have to wait for anything. the owner who provides VIP parking, the Pro didn't come in no hoopty. By nights end the place is still hopping, everybody wants to hang with an allstar. Thus the choice to get home arises, the Pro has the money for a limo ride home, the Pro has the entourage to allow for his "ferarri /benz/rolls royce or whatever to not be towed. And most importantly has he no one on the payroll who's job it is to stay sober and drive him and his entourage home? If any millionaire anywhere out there needs a ride home and is willing to pay me handsomely to drive him or her home anytime...I'll be happy to do just that!

Now like the joe the pro has made the same unwise decisions. Its all over the news and now you have to explain to your children the disappointment their sports idol has created in their lives. I do not wish to make excuses saying that the joe had no choice and that the pro is entitled. I simply am tired of these guys making all this money and having no greater sense than that of the average IDIOT! When the PRO mames and kills someone, does he lose his job, spend the rest of his life behind bars, lose his abilty to provide for his family...if you think yes then perhaps you should check out a certain ball player from St. Louis via the University of Tennesse..I said no names!!

They are not unlike all walks of life, both poor and the rich do the same things only their pay scale is different. I know however that there are a lot of pros and joes who make the right choices everytime they go out on the town, we just don't hear about them 'cause... well you know it's not news until it hurts. DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE YOU IDIOTS!!!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Letting Go

It was a windy cold day in January when we said goodbye. The ground was hard and covered with snow, I've always enjoyed that type of day in Ohio, but this one in particular the wind bit through your wears. As we gathered around my Grandfathers final resting place and witnessed first hand the firing of guns in salute to a fallen comrade, I wondered would this moment be felt for all time. I suppose it was the finallity of the situation, or maybe it was the look everyone had as they blankly stared back at one another. If you stared too long at one person and they saw you then the emotion of saying goodbye would overcome you. So it was easier to just scan the area and hold it in, asking yourself if you remembered that person across the way or was that the person you'd spoken to but not really known for all those years. For me most of the time was spent looking at all my Grandfathers children there saying in their own private thoughts goodbye to their Father, indeed watching my Mother was most gut rentching. As the ceremony proceded and came to an end, I soon found the greatest heartache was seeing a spouse saying goodbye to apart of herself, they'd been together for 59 years.

The night before his funeral I was up late preparing a few words, I'd been asked to do so days before we arrived in Ohio, but I'd waited till that night to start. I wanted to be there and feel those memories there In Ohio that had brought me up all my years as a child and now a Father. I read scriptures, I even thought of using some good musical lyrics to get my point across. Now matter how I wanted to begin, all I could think of was how it would end. For the last five months or so My Grandparents spent most of their time in an old folks home just down from their own home, as it turned out they would not return to that place we'd last seen them and shared laughter. That must be hard to know you are so close but physically are unable to be where you mind and spirit already are. An all to familiar end was approaching, when the body just sleeps and not eats it is only a matter of time, and we all knew it...though it wasn't any easier when he passed. But before he did, he did something that to this day is all I could focus on that night and even now. I guess he knew and called for my Grandmother, holding her hand and looking in her eyes and recalling 59 glorious years together, he smiled. He said to her " I love you and you gotta take care of yourself, you gotta eat." He then smiled, held her hand and was gone. That very thought of the two of them together, alone in a room having that moment is what the focus of my thoughts that evening before and that day thereof consisted of. Those memories never fade, its probably then I feel the loss so powerfully.

My two year old Daughter was going through a photo frame and came across my Grandfathers picture and the poster of his Obituary, she asked who's that man. I said to her thats your Great-Grandfather. I asked her to be careful with this treasured item, as she asked to hold it and we looked at it together. I read to her a passage that I wish I could give credit to its author, and told her remember "Grandpa" you met him before. I smiled and and looked at her as though I had failed her by not giving her the chance to have known him, she after all wasn't even a year old when they met. I then felt overcome having failed him, I wonder if he even knew who I was introducing him to at the time of our last gathering. He was bedridden by then and I carried him to his bed ,unknowingly it would be the last time I'd see, or hug him...can't say I appreciated that moment as I do now. I excused myself to get her some water, I didn't want her to see my eyes watering and ask why...not ready to explain that to my little girl.

Which in a round about way brings me to that night prior to his burial. I could relay what was said and written by me and others that day, its still very vivid even now. But I want to put you in the room, were two kindred spirits became I said before I give credit to whomever wrote this and my thanks for allowing me to use it and most of all my enduring love for the message that conveys the thoughts of those final moments:


May I go? May I go now?
Do you think the time is right?
May I say good-bye to pain filled days and endless lonely nights?

I've lived my life and done my best,
an example tried to be.
So can I take that step beyond and set my spirit free?

I didn't want to go at first,
I fought with all my might.
But something seems to draw me now to a warm and loving light.

I want to go. I really do.
It's difficult to stay.
But I will try as best I can to live just one more day,

To give you time to care for me and share your love and fears.
I know you're sad and so afraid, because I see your tears.

I'll not be far, I promise that,
and hope you'll always know
that my spirit will be close to you,
wherever you may go.

Thank you so for loving me.
You know I love you too.
That's why it's hard to say good-bye and end this life with you.

So hold me now, just one more time
and let me hear you say,
because you care so much for me,
you'll let me go today.

In Loving Memory

Herbert H. Ochier Sr. 11-18-1917 ~ 1-20-2007

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lessons yet learned?

Once again our American brethren have been tested, and I hope we do not fail them. While it may not be katrina, it in some ways may be worse. Our midwestern folks are in trouble and its affect will soon trickle down to all of us in different forms such as higher prices on agricultural goods, and yet again higher fuel costs. I like you didn't recall hearing an all points bulletin call for all hands on deck. Not having yet full details of heroism, I know that there were brave men and women risking their lives to protect property and lives. I know that even now there is no end to this nightmare, the waters in some places have yet to crest, and that is most dangerous. Lessons learned through Katrina I hope will pull them through, but I still haven't heard anything we didn't hear then...empty promises once the cameras go away. Its all news until something else comes along to take its place. The focus will be there for sometime, the devestation is yet to be determined. But when the news people pack up and leave, what will they leave behind. Will it be a determined government providing all the help required, will it be the triumph of a few, or for some the loss of all humanly possible. We have a chance at greatness in the face of futility, please make the most of it...have we learned from our prior transgressions, that remaines to be seen!! Over the next few weeks I hope to continue to follow this story and learn more about what took place and what is needed to help, I hope you too will do the same.

"PING"... cinderella for another day?

As I watch the NCAA CWS on ESPN I cannot help but hope that we all have enjoyed the showcase of talent from all teams. Every outing has been purely exciting, especially from an offensive standpoint. Yeah like most of you my teams are not in it, or not playing for the championship. However for the baseball purist you get to watch teams compete for not money but for the right to be a champion. When all is lost and you think a team is down and out they have suprised all by having real late inning comebacks. Though enjoyable it brings me to my thought of the day, where the heck has the pitching gone?

I'm not complaining mind you, after all it has been quite interesting to say the least. But when a team has the other on the ropes and all it takes is an out or two, how does a team mount a comeback and do so without recording an out. I've watched and yelled at the television, all the while wondering why haven't we seen the pitching coach much less the head coach calling for another relief pitcher. It amazes me to see a guy on the mound give up four runs without an out and no one visits the mound to settle him down, give him some time to breath, or I don't know maybe pull his butt out of there!I don't care if its your best guy or not, this is not a seven game series, you only get two chances and if you lose the first...huh it ain't gonna be easy. For instance the Georgia vs Fresno State game last night is a prime example of the coach waiting too long to do anything, before you know it his team went from being up to being down and one loss away from total destruction. I'm afraid to ask where his mind was, but hey I guess that is why he gets paid and I don't to watch a blow out take place, I believe it was a .."PING"... grandslam that did them in. That "Ping" sound is one of the most recognizable in all of sports, it means look out a bullet is on its way or look up in the sky , that baby's gonna go for miles!

Folks you aren't gonna believe this but I'm seeing it happen again. Fresno was up 15-6 in the top of the seventh and now bases are loaded and now they are up 15 -10 ...I know at this level the hitting is keen but why can't a guy pitch his way out of a jam without giving up five runs before recording an out. I always thought the idea at Omaha was to leave nothing on the table 'cause if you do, you'll be home long before the final out is posted. I do hope that Fresno can hold on to give us one more entertaining outing tommorrow, and believe you me I mean just that too... hold on for dear life.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The late Tim Russert

I was on my way to bed when flicking channels I came across the eulogy given by the late Tim Russerts son. I did not know him other than what was displayed on television and the likes. But listening to a son eulogize a Father in such a loving way and understanding how difficult it is to do so for a loved one. I was touched that he could do it in a manner fitting such a tribute but yet still giving it the emotion that I can only imagine would have made his Father proud. I know that from all account the family was pretty close and Tim Russert was well respected in his field, so many of our loved ones have gone on and they were not forgotton especially this past weekend. For all those Sons and Fathers who have only the memories to hold onto, keep them daily in your hearts because daily you pay homage to their lives and they are always proud you were their Son or Father. I am lucky to still have my Dad with me, and maybe later I'll be able to tell him I'm proud to have such an influence in my life, and most of all ....thanks!!

We call that turbulance.

If you could close your eyes with me for just a moment, try and recall your last vacation. Was it hanging out at the beach, could it have been shopping in New York , maybe high rolling in Vegas. Or for the lucky ones perhaps it was closer, may a few hours drive having Grandmas potatoe salad, homemade peach cobbler and fresh made lemonade. Please keep them closed, we're not quite home yet. Back then your biggest complaint was that you couldn't see all the attractions you wanted due to a lack of hours in a day. Heck sometimes it was because there wasn't enough room in the suitcase or car to bring back all you picked up on vacation. Are you still relaxed, can you hear the waves breaking and smell that cool crisp ocean breeze??

BAM BAM BAM....wake up fool, those days are as gone as your old high school waist line, only to be seen in black and white pictures which are too fuzzy to be in color. We are in a crisiss mode and the only way out is to pay the piper, at least that is what the Airlines are telling us. I cannot believe that they have the gall to charge for services not rendered. They want me to pay to check my luggage and then hope it lands with me and not in Tokyo. How about they let me pay an amount that reflects how soon my flight took off, or in some cases how many days it took to leave the airport. They tell me to get to the airport at least two hours prior to take off, then when I run like the law chasing a bank robber to make my gate I find my flight delayed or my seat given to someone else. You can imagine the response, sorry there's nothing I can do, or we can get you on another flight going nowhere and for this much more money. I have heard now those little perks such as peanuts, pretzels and half a soda are being taken away, but if you want to pay a fee you can get ice with that water. I know that all things are going up and they too are losing money, but how do they expect the average joe to pay the extras when all he is trying to do is get home to see that someone special, maybe for the last time.

Now that I brought you home from your vision of long lost vacations, how are you planning this years adventure. Will it be staying home and sharing the cost by buying that special someone a ticket and not the whole families airfare. Might you just go as far as a tank of gas will take you, I'm sure there are things locally to experience. What about joint family vacations with close friends. No matter how you try to get around the idea of saving money there are those out there thinking of ways to get into your wallet, ways of telling you how much its hurting the company and not just the indiviuals. You see its not just the travelers hurting , its the employees of big business that are too being punished. If we choose to stay home, will that hourly wage employee be able to not only retain his job, but pay the bills. If he can't pay then it puts a financial bind on the next joe blow, and finally the plant shuts down 'cause the factory can't sell what it cannot afford to make. I'm not sure the big picture is being seen here, if solutions are not soon forth then the damages may be irreversable.

So the next time the Captain thanks you for flying their Airline, thank him on a job well done. Keep in mind the whole time you were in the air the gas near empty light was on, and that so called turbulance was him shaking every ounce of fuel out of that bird to keep the air conditioner on too...Happy flying and I hope you vacation smart and with patience, lots and lots of patience.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

KABOOM!!... courtesy flush please!!

As though the outcome were in doubt, I will concede that the better team is going to win the NBA Championship and it won't be the Lakers. The Celtics are humiliating the Lakers and that is putting it nicely. I really thought the effort tonight was going to be there, Heck I would settle for a lack luster effort 'cause that would be a better showing than this, please call of the dogs!!

I know that when the series began many, including I thought that the momentum from the Western Conference series could spill over into the Finals for the Lakers, no one thought based on the Celtics previous inability to win on the road would not favor the Lakers. I guess someone woke the beast from the East. Although I would have liked a different outcome, at least these Celtics I can live with as the new Champion, there are a few of them I actually do like.

In the begining I called this the resuming of an old traditon, it just hasn't had that same flare. I didn't feel the same as before whenever these two franchises would meet in the Finals. I know its a different decade, but I sure was hoping to get some of that passion from a long time ago. Maybe all could be contibuted to the fact that neither team is playing in its respective old stadiums? Perhaps if we were in the old Forum some of the old "show time" would have shown through. And speaking of "show time", why did the league not give us some of those old greats from both sides more air time. I recall seeing a few, but why miss an opportunity to bridge yesterday with today from a fans perspective? It wouldn't have been that hard to gather them together, shoot maybe they could have played a halftime show.

I am watching the final moments and hearing the crowd chant certain things that only sting when your team is the one falling short, I nonetheless don't like it. I'm a sore loser and know that if they were the ones losing that I would feel pretty good about my crowd going nuts. Its just hard to hear them with darn near ten minutes left to play, now that is ridiculous. With about forty seconds left the Lakers are down by forty points.......WOW!!!!

Congratulations to the Boston Celtics, they deserve to win and they earned it as all Champions do.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our other journey

Remember the phrase "Space, the final go where no man has gone before." Yeah cheesey I know, and also from the Star Trek movies, but still it meant something. I can recall the days when the Space program had everyones attention. how many of you know that today the shuttle landed and did so safely, does anyone care? I can recall as a child growing up in the 1980's whenever the shuttle launched we saw it on television. It didn't matter if you were in school or at home each channel broadcast its launch. When is the last time you saw its glorious take off and understood what you were witnessing. Just as I figured, most only remember when tradgedy happens. All are watching then and focus only on the failures of the space program.

I remember being home watching the space shuttle Challenger when it launched and seeing a horrific sight. For most of us we can recall trying to grasp what had happened and with the world mourning the loss of lives that day one will never forget. Was it becomeing to conventional that we stopped caring. Maybe the focus towards the stars became more like a movie, we could catch it whenever and didn't really have to see it to believe it. I as a child was very passionate about our solar system, knowing that there are things to discover and explore so far off that it would take light years to get to if just fascinating. Are you not compelled as well as I to know more about our past and our space future as those brave men and women of NASA who go where no man has gone before? Its more than just landing on the Moon, its about what those pioneers never thought possible. One day to travel from the Earth to say Mars is a feat that will truely happen, can you not imagine what lies before us at this time. It may not happen tommorrow, it might not for decades to come. But when it does will you be watching, or will you wait for dispare. I recently watched the movie Apollo 13 again and that is a prime example of how nobody cares until something newsworthy happens. Were it not for near tradgedy then America would have just considered another voyage to space and nothing more. however it became nail biting drama when lives were at stake, sound familiar?

Look I know it is a very costly journey, and like most other governmental agencies the cost is over inflated. That cost could go towards the research for vaious diseases, and other more engaging needs. But we must not deter from learning more about the heavens and the safe return of our Astronuats. The solar system is a vast array of planets and stars we may never be able to reach, never be able to comprehend the how and the why they exist. But only in the exploration of this system will we be able to know more of its affect on our own planet, and the possible solutions plagued over centuries that still haven't been identified.

So the next time a shuttle is launched please take the time to appreciate where its going and where its been. Allow yourself to feel the amazment as they space walk outside with the blackness of space as their background. Allow yourself the sense of pride in knowing how far man has come and how dangerous this feat actually is. And finally, find out the next time a shuttle will launch and land, the view from above must be inspiring and the grace at which it descends to Earth is as beautiful as the colors of the rings of really does mean something when you open your minds to the universe.

Omaha or bust!!

Another season full of promises has come to an end with an early exit by the FSU Baseball team. It again was a hard fought battle between Miami and the losing Noles. Miami controlled the game for the most part, while at least the Seminoles again tried to sermount a comback. They didn't make it, and though they did accomplish what others were unable too, we the Seminole Nation are left to wonder and perplex what is it going to take to get there and stay awhile? Every year they start off mild and get hot leading up to the Omaha run and always find a way to cough it up. Usually it's defensive errors, and there were some, but this time it was the offense that let them down and not to mention untimely pitching. Heck you cannot consistantly spot the other teams double digit leads and expect to wait till the ninth to wake up the bats.

Its getting harder and harder to see a talent laden team lose its talent to the draft and leave little left in the cupboard. I know coach Martin and those left behind find away to compete and all credit must go to these players. One cannot get to spoiled as we have been with most FSU sports 'cause there are a lot of other programs that wish they could have half the success we have enjoyed, but still it hurts not to do better on the national stage as it were. But anyway best of luck to those players moving on and to those remaining...better luck next year and thanks for all your effort both on and off the field.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It ain't pretty, but hello game six.

I'll be darn, just got back and up by five with twentyfive seconds to play. I suppose my girl new I needed a break from the losing and to come back to on the way to game six. Looking to the next game we have to play better team defense and more sources of offensive production on the road. At times Gasol plays too soft for a big man, gotta go up strong with authority that close to the basket!

I just saw flashes of Larry Bird to Dennis johnson against Detroit. What a poor in bounds play, man this team cannot relax...Steal by Fisher and a sigh of relief, Lakers win and it ain't pretty, we'll take what we can get at this point. Wipe the sweat off and get down to business for the next game, got a long road ahead and long nights to wonder what if...

Lakers over the Celtics...??

I have purposely left out talking about the Lakers Celtics series because, well I'm not sure the Lakers can sustain the drive to the Championship. The Celtics have definately out played my boys, and to have lost that huge lead in the last game is ridiculous. I am now watching the game as it enters into the fourth quarter, and though the Lakers are up by nine points, I still don't think the Celtics won't come back. I still believe in this team, but I need more than belief, I need results. I really want this series to go all seven games, and if then and only then we are not the better team will I be somewhat satisfied with their road to the NBA finals run.

Is anyone else flabbergasted by the FSU baseball teams complete dismantel yesterday? They make a huge run at Stanford in the late eighth inning only to be crushed in the nineth. This team has got us prepared for a much deeper run in Omaha and look out the same "bug " gets us again. I know thry aren't done yet but come on you cannot give up that type of runs in one inning. Then today my LSU Tigers lose to North Carolina, can I catch a break. I need this Laker team to get it going tonight or my sports weekend won't be happy. Unfortunately somebodys is going home after tommorrow in the double elimination round Hopefully it won't be my teams.

I'm not to versed on golf but man what a performance by the great Tiger Wooods, and I am rooting for him to finish strong in the playoff. Wow says a lot about our surgical Doctors today, to be able to compete so well this soon, who would have thought he'd look this good, and still be in pain.

current update...lakers falling apart and the baby's up. I'll put my faith in them but I gotta leave the room and tend to her............better not be disappointed when I get back!!??

My Little Lady!

Hello to all, and especially to those celebrating Fathers day. The day will come and go, but the reasons hopefully will last a lifetime. This is only my second as a dad, but my thirty-sixth as a son. I am the proud dad of a gorgeous little girl, and she alone could provide the warmth of the sun through those eyes and that remarkable smile. Like most dads out there having a girl provides certain challenges, and just as many rewards.

Before she was born and we new the sex of our future child, people would ask whether I wanted a girl or a boy. Most times the response was either would excite me; you do that to be safe. Early on in the pregnancy you do not want to jinx fate. However those that know me and saw the gleam in my eyes every time I spoke of the anticipation heard my desire to have a girl. I have always wanted a girl and was completely in love with her when we found out, we really didn't know till birth. Every time we'd had the checkups she was always in the wrong position to truly identify a girl or a boy, so much so that by the time the last sonogram was taken the doctor said not to hold him to it but he'd bet it was a girl.

At birth I was the first to spend time with her; she was a C-section baby, so mommy was a little busy! I sat there by her side with her little hand holding my finger and listening to her beautiful screaming, yeah I didn't know that scream would get kind of old. Nonetheless one of the greatest things a father could experience in his life was looking back at him now for the first time. She was crying and looking for her mommy, while I was looking back at her and looking to her future. In an instant you have her life planned and know where you want her life to lead, yet knowing she is an individual and will make her own choices, you can't help but hope it’s always in the right direction.

Thus the first challenge having a girl brings, wanting her to know and see that a man should always treat a woman with respect and that her choices should always be just that. A father will be the example she looks to, a father will be the shoulder she leans on when she brings home that guy you will want to explain why you know where he lives and sleeps. A father will be the one who will miss being there when she does something for the first time because of work. A father is the one who secretly checks in on her while she sleeps to make sure she is ok, and checks the locks on the doors to make sure the family is safe at night.

There are those times when she's playing and in her own little world that I smile and know she is getting so big, she is able to reach things she couldn't less than a few months ago, and I wish that time would slow down so I'd have more time with her. I know that time is all we have and we never know how much of that we actually have, so I take the time to love her, watch her and in particular express to her my pure joy when she calls me “my daddy!”

I know wish to acknowledge my Father, my late grandfather, and my very close friends both here and up north a most happy fathers day. You all have in some way influenced me and I didn’t want to not say thanks to you all for being there both before and after the birth of my little girl…..THANKS !!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What's in the box?

I want to tell you a story about a little child, we'll call him Teddy. You see Teddy grew up in a town not unlike your own, nice neighborhood, close friends and went to a good school. His parents worked hard to provide him and his syblings a good home, like most of us they wanted more for their family, but were doing the best they could with what they had. The family from time to time went out for dinners, a movie and what Teddy looked forward to most of all were the outings to the local sports arenas. As time went by Teddy's family didn't do the things he once looked forward to. It wasn't very noticeable at first, his parents did as much as they could to make a few changes but it still wasn't enough. Soon Teddy would see and hear the worry displayed from his family, late night voices and crying from downstairs could be heard everytime the phone would ring or another certified letter was delivered. After awhile Teddy didn't see much of his Father, he'd taken a nightshift position to help save for their Disney Land trip coming next year, like the one they'd not gone on the year prior. Mom was busy putting things in boxes to make room for the things they didn't have room for, no matter at least Uncle Fred moved in last week and they play when he's not helping mom put away boxes.
It was on a Tuesday, Teddy was in front of his classroom with tears rolling down his face. He could barely get the words out, his best friend Jason was standing by his side crying as well. "They took our home away, and we have to move to my uncle Freds home to some place I've never heard of." Teddy was saying goodbye to his friends and school, while back at home his parents were getting all they could into the trailer before their given posted deadline....the rain really poured heavy that day.
This is not a true story relayed to me, it is however something I have seen on news reports for the last two years on a weekly basis. I am not in anyway saying that people didn't put themselves into a foreclosure position. However when the banks and the government were handing out these ARM loans, all the Teddy's of the world finally had a place they could call home. I have seen reports where kids had to say goodbye to everything they had and knew, it wasn't their fault that their parents did not make wise choices, then again some families would not have had the opportunity to have purchased a home were it not for these "hot rates" I have no misconception that when the ink was drying on paper that people were being told not to worry, when and if the ARM loan goes up, it will only be a little and even then you can refinance that loan before you get into trouble. Hmm trouble is that day came for a lot of other people at the same time, and TROUBLE don't care who its got as long as its got somebody.
So when you lay your head on the pillow and sigh at what a wonderful picture of whatever is hanging on your walls, please do not forget about "TEDDY." There are so many like him staying in shelters, or with family he never knew he had. There are so many families who may never overcome the mistakes a mortgage brings. If we can help those in need from far off places we've never been, and never heard of when disaster strikes, then why can't we help those who live next door. Why can't we see that help begins here locally and not all those people were stupid. Why is the frame of thought it was only the poor people, or those trying to out do the "Jones's." A lot of these were good hard working folks, now without homes, and soon without jobs. You see its affect is not just subject locally, but nationwide. It should not be a "bail out " system, don't read that into this conversation, however the next time you run to your local haunts check out the number of homes being sold not just by realtors but by banks, I'll bet its getting pretty close to your neighborhood, if not next door. You can tell the economy is being effected by this whole dilema, and its not just gas prices either. Those who were waiting for their dream homes to be built or to become available will, if not already, find it difficult to obtain that home loan. Oh yeah, thats right. If you thought so what if "Teddy" lost his home, it won't affect me, you are wrong. What happens locally will always soon enough reach out wether you know every Tom, Dick or Harry......TROUBLE NEEDS SOMEBODY....why not YOU!!????

Monday, June 9, 2008

Did you hear a click or a thud the last time you pumped gas??

Ask anyone about the weather and they usually have a response, its either too hot or too cold. There is never really a middle ground, we all feel to some degree the temp is not where we'd like it to be. If we then can openly complain about something we have no control over, other than adjusting the way we dress, or the mere pushing of a button for relief. How is it possible that we as a American have no way to control the price we pay for GAS?? It's remarkable how everyday the price per barrell sets an alltime record.
I know we all have felt the crunch by now, and if you haven't, that my friends is the problem. Collectively if we "all" didn't allow the oil companies to dig into our pockets then what do you think would happen. When is the last time you think one of these gurus pumped gas at over $4.00 a gallon and said to themselves" man what the heck, I just pumped $50.00 and my tank still isn't full?" Do you really think they are feeling the crunch as well? I say if they were then someone would have if not already done something about it. I do not fault them for having the fortitude to be the haves verse the haves not, I know I wish I had that problem.
The people who are being forgotton are those who make minimum wage or have a one income household, and cannot afford the inflation as it were. My household has two sources of income and it's not easy since I travel about 350 miles a week for my job. We however manage, but I don't see any help from Uncle Sam do you? I know there are no easy answers, 'cause if I had them then I'd be one of those Guru's. I am simply saying that there are people out there who if help doesn't arrive soon will be knocking on the door to bancruptcy, and that is a different demon all its own.
Tommorrow I will get to more of this conversation and the fight or plight we as Americans are facing , we haven't begun to talk yet about foreclosures day we woke up and it all went bad.
On the sports side of things my LSU Tigers pounded their way into Omaha, outstanding offensive performance this evening. Not to be left unplugged, Mr. Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 600th Homerun today and Cooperstown he is headed when all is said and done, hats off to you sir.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Gonna be down two??

As I watch my lakers losing by 17 pts to the Celtics I am now reminded that one cannot afford to be sentimental when it comes to winning, and right now we are on the verge of losing huge. I admit in the last post I felt a little indifference towards the Celtics, but now about to be down two games to none, I know now with whom my allegiance shall remain.
Holly molly the boys have awakend, they are now just down by four points and making a real run at it. No matter what at least they have challenged this team and themselves, it will make a difference in game three.
Before I forget, let me congratulate the FSU Noles and the LSU Tigers on their gloriously hard fought victories today. The Noles are on their way to Omaha, and tommorow hopfully the Tigers will conclude their series as well.
On another note this blog called the Gazette, is my way to reach out and to speak on all topics not just sports related. I hope to updated it as often as possible, and to leave no discussion untouched. I am committed to keeping it interesting and relative to things that happen around the world and here in my little nitch........................Lakers lose!!

A traditon continues

Well sports fans we are in for a real treat this evening, game two of the Lakers/Celtics NBA Championship series. I have always been a die hard Lakers fan, but I'm having trouble not routing fot the "New Celtics." Yes thats what allows me to even begin to think green, the phrase "new." I come from the Magic,Kareem,Worthy,and Rambis...just to name a few...Lakers Era. Most of us hated the Celtics then, but now maybe not so much. However should the Lakers fail to win the series, well still water run deep and the hatred will go on. But the Celtics do have one of the games most deserving NBA players, Kevin Garnett. This guy has been a devoute player every game of his life and never had the right nucleus to really accomplish anything. It may sound sentimental, but sometimes you pull for the "guy"even if he isn't on your team. We all felt the same for Michael Jordan and David Robinson as they too won their first NBA Championship.

I shall be watching tonights game anticipating a Lakers victory, and truely just enjoying a renewed tradition. It may not be Magic vs Bird, but its as close as we are going to get for now. The NBA understands this point and thus they gave these two icons a chance to be apart of the series with the split face and same words commercial...Outstanding!!