Monday, November 10, 2008

"The Good Samaritan"

In a time where our troubles can seem all encompassing, and that no one else can be in the same predicament comes a lady of true virtue a "good samaritan." I heard this story as I was driving into work and just had to find it in print, it is as follows directly from

Tracy Orr sat in the back of the room and prepared to watch her foreclosed home go up for auction. Tha's when a pesky stranger sat down beside her and struck up a conversation. "are you here to buy a house." Marilyn Mock said. Orr could not hold it in. The tears flowed. She pointed to the auction brochure at a home that didn't have a picture. "that's my house," she said. Within moments, the four bedroom, two bath home in Pottsboro, Texas went up for sale. People op front began casting bids. the home that Orr purchased in September 2004 was slipping away.

She stood and moved toward the crowd. Behind her, Mock got into action. 'She didn't know I was doing it," Mock says. "I just kept asking her if [her home] was worth it, and she just kept crying. She probably thought I was crazy, 'Why does this woman keep asking me that?'"

Mock says she bought the home for about 30,000. That's when Mock did what most bidders at a foreclosure auction never do. "She said, 'I did this for you. I'm doing this for you,'" Orr says. "When it was all done, I was just in shock."

"I thought maybe her and her husband do these types of things to buy them and turn them. she said, 'no, you just look like you needed a friend.' "

"All this happend within like five minutes. She never even asked me my name. She didn't even ask me my financial situation. She had no idea what [the house] looked like. She just did it out of the graciousness of her heart.

Orr says she had taken out a mortgage of 80,000 in 2004 when she first bought the home. At the time, she says she worked for the U.S. Postal Service. But she lost her job a month after taking out the loan when she says the Post Office fired her over a DWI while off-duty. She says a wrongful termination lawsuit is pending.

Without a job, she fell behind on her payments. She sold some property in 2006 for $12,000 and paid it to the mortgage company, thinking she had done enough to save herself from foreclosure-but to no avail, she says.

As for Orr's payments now, Mock says, "we'll just figure out however much she can pay on it. That way, she can have her house back."

Why be so generous?

"She was just so sad. You put yourself in their situation an you realize you just got to do something," says Mock, who says she has trouble walking by homeless people on the streets and not helping them out.

"If it was you, you'd want somebody to stop and help you."

Orr, who nearly lost her home, says her new found friend has "given me back faith and hope to keep going and hold my head up."

I found this story so hard to believe, with so much unjust in this world. I thank CNN for reporting it and Mrs. Mock for taking one step forward in the life of another. I do not have the resources to help in the same manner, but you just gotta give something back whenever you can. Their are lots of people who aren't as fortunate as Mrs. Orr, but they too could use a little saving. Try and remember that with the Holiday Season approaching, help when you can and you too can make a difference. THANKS!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Photo Hunter

Aunt Renee and Tolina running the bases on the baseball field Together!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paper or Plastic??

It is indeed a strange world in which we live, never before has the saying the haves and the haves not do not run in the same packs. For some this is the time of year for us sports fans that we get to see our teams on a weekly basis. Wether its October and the smell of hotdogs and peanuts from Major League Baseball, or the open air of nachos and fresh green grass from the NFL and NCAA College games, the cold breeze gives you that level of comfort. There are those that gather around the tube or tailgate at the actual stadiums, never mind what goes on in the economy you can bet that those seats are filled, and those tv sets are burnin' red hot.

But let's suppose for a moment, you are the ones in those stadiums selling food, drinks and other various goods. It's not gonna make you rich but hey its a job right. I mean you get to be closer than the average fan to some of the most sought after atheletes in the world. Everyday perhaps you hear them yelling how much they love this game and how much they appreciate the fans for coming, or is that just making you laugh too? Nevertheless you do hear about them signing those million dollar contracts and how the team just needs more of their share of the revenues and the "we gotta have a new stadium" bought by the tax hear that too don't you?

If you hear that, then surely you have heard that the NBA is cutting about 80,000 jobs due to economic costs...SLAM DUNK!! Just whom do you suppose is in that unemployment line, yeah not the ones in the box seats. It is the everyday Joe who depends on the meger salary that we all depend on. How can in this economic struggle can they layoff these workers and yet still give someone milllions to say "I love this game" in an NBA tv ad? I know they too have a budget and families to take care of, but I'd say their budget is a little larger than those who push beer and nuts. How about setting aside some of that revenue from the players and other various parts of the game that provides so much and for the little guy so little. You never heard of a major owner or player standing around wondering how to make that dollar work when they went on strike, but if no one is in the stadiums then how do you suppose the vendors supplement their income, rest assured it's not from another shoe ad.

I love the games and I don't harbor any ill will towards a person able to make it to the pennicle of his chosen field, or sport. I just take homage to those begging for more of the pie when they already own the oven. Congress is trying to bail the country out and yet the sports world is only helping fill the unemployment lines. So go to the games and enjoy ourselves, yell, scream and take in the greatest venues possible. But be nice to the vendor, he might also be the one bagging your groceries next week and putting the ice and two liters on top of your bread and eggs...I did a lot of bread squeezing when I was a bag boy in High that brought a smile to my face, and I bet to those surprised faces once they got home to more than spilled milk.

Monday, October 13, 2008

lessons for your retail experience

Today I take issue with sales gimmicks and the people who shop retail. We the consumer are as told through any retail training video, always right. I kindly believe that if you desire a certain outcome from a retailer then you should approach that said person or place with respect and give them the opportunity to please you the consumer accordingly. It is only after said response is insuffcient or deemed non helpful, should you behave in a manner unbecomeing, depending on the environment and those surrounding you. I firmly believe that when you have an issue and approach the retailer in a quite hushed tone way, meaning not loud enough for all around to hear you. That you by doing such have given that retailer the chance to make right on any situation that may or may not affect his future dealings with other disgruntled consumers. It allows them to possibly give you something in return that otherwise the next guy may not recieve, even if that is just retail talk. I myself have been in many facets of retail as well as managerial levels for twenty years. Throughout these long years I have had the priviledge to have dealt with happy and the not so happy situations that come from the retail business. I pride myself on knowing what they truley want and the fact that mostly the consumer wants to be treated fairly. He or she wants to be given the respect that they and their hard earned money is giving you by purchaseing from your place of business. Remember that they did not have to come into your doors, there are always other places willing and able to provide such services, and maybe even better. It is here that you have the chance to make an otherwise one time customer a long time customer.

And now for Ten little lessons in manners when entering and handling oneself once you realize the outcome isn't going to be beneficial to you the consumer:

1. Do not approach the first person you see and go off on he or she, it will only complicate and further upset you when you have to then tell it to the next person whom may be in charge.
2. Do not lie and say this happens everytime, if it did then why have you come back to the same place over and over again and recieved yet again the same outcome?
3. Listen to what is being said so you then can hear what is not being said, if you are getting screwed this is where it's gonna didn't pay attention.
4. It is the retailers job to make all outcomes conclude with you having said and felt as though what has been resolved is to the best ability done on both parties.
5. If you haven't the time to allow for a check and balance of what is and what isn't, then come back when you do!
6. Acting like a two year old isn't going to get you anywhere, but if the retailer is giving you that child like vibe then clearly he isn't in charge and if he is then he won't be for long.
7. If they tell you the manager isn't here then get all information needed and by all means come back, you cannot change an outcome if you aren't ready to persever.
8. Remember what brought you into this particular location, don't be afraid to just get your money back and go someplace else more deserving of you and your dollars, it may not be the "big hurt" you wanted them to feel, but you might not be the only one doing such.
9. This one is very important, DO NOT CURSE and DO NOT forget that there are probably children watching and listening to this exchange, quite possibly YOUR OWN!!
10. And finally, each situation is unique and should be treated as such. It doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong. When you leave and they go to the next customer will they even remember what your name was. I remember most of all the faces if not most of the names of the people I have dealt with. You will see them if not in the store but out and about town. Why do you think they have a stock room in back, 'cause the next sale is but around the corner.

Now for the gimmicks car dealers give to help or make the final sale. Kia Autosport has been determined to tell you on TV and on the phone "free tires for life." with the purchase of a new vehicle. Well what they do not tell you is that it is determined by them if you have met all service requirements to get them. If you have taken your vehicle to any other place for, say an oil change or whatever then you have successfully voided their "tires for life" And when you have met their demands like I have, you have to then wait for the owner to decide if you get this new said tire replacement. Oh they can tell you without managerial approval you don't qualify, but if you do then that decision cannot be made without said approval. It has been a week since they called and said " the manger is out of town." Now I am giving them the chance to make right on our "agreement" but should they not take this opportunity to adhere to this agreement then I'll try and remember the first part of rule number nine and follow rule number seven. Oh what the hell if that won't work then I'll do rules three to one and in that order...but I digress. I'll let you know later how rules eight and four are working out at a later date.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

HELP!!.. need loan for Vacation

This little information came my way after the Federal Bailout was given to some Banking and Insurance Groups. In particular this concerns the American International Group Inc. otherwise know as AIG. For those you who don't know what they are and who they are, they are the main U.S. life insurance subsidiary. It was made know that if they were to go under that it would have a global effect on individuals as well as various major corperations. On September 16 the Federal Reserve put up $85 BILLION DOLLARS of OUR TAX DOLLARS to RESCUE AIG.

Days after it got a Federal Bailout, AIG spent $440,000 on a posh California retreat for its executives, complete with spa treatments, banquets and golf outings, according to lawmakers investigating the company's meltdown. AIG sent its executives to the coastal St. Regis resort south of Los Angeles, California, even as the company tapped into an $85 BILLION loan from the government it needed to stave off bankruptcy. The resort tab included $23,380 worth of spa treatments for AIG employees, according to invoices the resort turned over to the House oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Now folkes let us one and all call up our creditors and tell them too I cannot pay you anything and I need to borrow more money and then I'm going on vacation with your gift. I'll bet you $85 BILLION that you would then have all of your homes, cars and bank accounts seized in the vary same breath. It just goes to show that if you are of the average american who is struggling and cannot get the banks and creditors to extend you , not quite $85 BILLION, but some type of repreive, you should then take your vacation anyway 'cause they will always bail out stupidity.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Hey Daddy!!" my favorite two words

This is a two part segment dedicated to my little slice of heaven: Tolina

There are so many words spoken by so many different people. In the dictionary there are several that though are said the same they have different meanings. In our daily lives we may say to one another something that can either bring a smile and or tears just by the very effect those words and phrases have in our voices. Those that have the greatest reaction lately have been coming from my two and a half year old daughter, Tolina.

I am in the unique position where my wife works nights and I days. Therefore I have the pleasure in putting our Daughter down for bed practically seven nights a week. It can sometimes be a challenge to get her to "feel" tired, she will always tell me she is not. When she is finally ready and finished all her nightly routines, which means all the stalling she can muster we go, as she calls it "let's go cuddle." Watching her drift off to sleep is one of the best parts of my entire evening. She holds my neck so very tight as though I may wander away, looks directly into my eyes as hers become heavy and quietly falls asleep. During the night I check up on her like a great chef not wanting his suffle to burn. When she does wake up for water or her "binkie" she doesn't cry, she just calls my name and that is the greatest part of the night. I walk into the room as she sits up in bed, she hold her arms out for me and says those magical words..." Hey daddy!!" She's only up for just a minute or two, but I fall in love with her again everytime at that moment. Its as though she knows that no matter how hard the day or night, those two little words have such huge I spoil she spoils me.

She is my little daddy's girl and I simply cannot convey the bond that I am privey to have with her. Am I too soft with her, am I over protective of her, do I take her side too often, do I think that she is going to grow up to be an amazing person...absolutely!!

I'll have to continue tommorrow and share some of the smiles and laughter given from my little girl...but for now I'm being summoned..."hey Daddy!!" melts my heart every time!!