Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Paper or Plastic??

It is indeed a strange world in which we live, never before has the saying the haves and the haves not do not run in the same packs. For some this is the time of year for us sports fans that we get to see our teams on a weekly basis. Wether its October and the smell of hotdogs and peanuts from Major League Baseball, or the open air of nachos and fresh green grass from the NFL and NCAA College games, the cold breeze gives you that level of comfort. There are those that gather around the tube or tailgate at the actual stadiums, never mind what goes on in the economy you can bet that those seats are filled, and those tv sets are burnin' red hot.

But let's suppose for a moment, you are the ones in those stadiums selling food, drinks and other various goods. It's not gonna make you rich but hey its a job right. I mean you get to be closer than the average fan to some of the most sought after atheletes in the world. Everyday perhaps you hear them yelling how much they love this game and how much they appreciate the fans for coming, or is that just making you laugh too? Nevertheless you do hear about them signing those million dollar contracts and how the team just needs more of their share of the revenues and the "we gotta have a new stadium" bought by the tax hear that too don't you?

If you hear that, then surely you have heard that the NBA is cutting about 80,000 jobs due to economic costs...SLAM DUNK!! Just whom do you suppose is in that unemployment line, yeah not the ones in the box seats. It is the everyday Joe who depends on the meger salary that we all depend on. How can in this economic struggle can they layoff these workers and yet still give someone milllions to say "I love this game" in an NBA tv ad? I know they too have a budget and families to take care of, but I'd say their budget is a little larger than those who push beer and nuts. How about setting aside some of that revenue from the players and other various parts of the game that provides so much and for the little guy so little. You never heard of a major owner or player standing around wondering how to make that dollar work when they went on strike, but if no one is in the stadiums then how do you suppose the vendors supplement their income, rest assured it's not from another shoe ad.

I love the games and I don't harbor any ill will towards a person able to make it to the pennicle of his chosen field, or sport. I just take homage to those begging for more of the pie when they already own the oven. Congress is trying to bail the country out and yet the sports world is only helping fill the unemployment lines. So go to the games and enjoy ourselves, yell, scream and take in the greatest venues possible. But be nice to the vendor, he might also be the one bagging your groceries next week and putting the ice and two liters on top of your bread and eggs...I did a lot of bread squeezing when I was a bag boy in High that brought a smile to my face, and I bet to those surprised faces once they got home to more than spilled milk.

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