Monday, October 13, 2008

lessons for your retail experience

Today I take issue with sales gimmicks and the people who shop retail. We the consumer are as told through any retail training video, always right. I kindly believe that if you desire a certain outcome from a retailer then you should approach that said person or place with respect and give them the opportunity to please you the consumer accordingly. It is only after said response is insuffcient or deemed non helpful, should you behave in a manner unbecomeing, depending on the environment and those surrounding you. I firmly believe that when you have an issue and approach the retailer in a quite hushed tone way, meaning not loud enough for all around to hear you. That you by doing such have given that retailer the chance to make right on any situation that may or may not affect his future dealings with other disgruntled consumers. It allows them to possibly give you something in return that otherwise the next guy may not recieve, even if that is just retail talk. I myself have been in many facets of retail as well as managerial levels for twenty years. Throughout these long years I have had the priviledge to have dealt with happy and the not so happy situations that come from the retail business. I pride myself on knowing what they truley want and the fact that mostly the consumer wants to be treated fairly. He or she wants to be given the respect that they and their hard earned money is giving you by purchaseing from your place of business. Remember that they did not have to come into your doors, there are always other places willing and able to provide such services, and maybe even better. It is here that you have the chance to make an otherwise one time customer a long time customer.

And now for Ten little lessons in manners when entering and handling oneself once you realize the outcome isn't going to be beneficial to you the consumer:

1. Do not approach the first person you see and go off on he or she, it will only complicate and further upset you when you have to then tell it to the next person whom may be in charge.
2. Do not lie and say this happens everytime, if it did then why have you come back to the same place over and over again and recieved yet again the same outcome?
3. Listen to what is being said so you then can hear what is not being said, if you are getting screwed this is where it's gonna didn't pay attention.
4. It is the retailers job to make all outcomes conclude with you having said and felt as though what has been resolved is to the best ability done on both parties.
5. If you haven't the time to allow for a check and balance of what is and what isn't, then come back when you do!
6. Acting like a two year old isn't going to get you anywhere, but if the retailer is giving you that child like vibe then clearly he isn't in charge and if he is then he won't be for long.
7. If they tell you the manager isn't here then get all information needed and by all means come back, you cannot change an outcome if you aren't ready to persever.
8. Remember what brought you into this particular location, don't be afraid to just get your money back and go someplace else more deserving of you and your dollars, it may not be the "big hurt" you wanted them to feel, but you might not be the only one doing such.
9. This one is very important, DO NOT CURSE and DO NOT forget that there are probably children watching and listening to this exchange, quite possibly YOUR OWN!!
10. And finally, each situation is unique and should be treated as such. It doesn't matter who is right and who is wrong. When you leave and they go to the next customer will they even remember what your name was. I remember most of all the faces if not most of the names of the people I have dealt with. You will see them if not in the store but out and about town. Why do you think they have a stock room in back, 'cause the next sale is but around the corner.

Now for the gimmicks car dealers give to help or make the final sale. Kia Autosport has been determined to tell you on TV and on the phone "free tires for life." with the purchase of a new vehicle. Well what they do not tell you is that it is determined by them if you have met all service requirements to get them. If you have taken your vehicle to any other place for, say an oil change or whatever then you have successfully voided their "tires for life" And when you have met their demands like I have, you have to then wait for the owner to decide if you get this new said tire replacement. Oh they can tell you without managerial approval you don't qualify, but if you do then that decision cannot be made without said approval. It has been a week since they called and said " the manger is out of town." Now I am giving them the chance to make right on our "agreement" but should they not take this opportunity to adhere to this agreement then I'll try and remember the first part of rule number nine and follow rule number seven. Oh what the hell if that won't work then I'll do rules three to one and in that order...but I digress. I'll let you know later how rules eight and four are working out at a later date.

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